Amending a Bankruptcy

Often a person will file for bankruptcy, only to discover months, even years later that there are debts which they did not actually list in their bankruptcy petition, simply for the fact that they had lost contact and forgotten about the debt, or because the information and specifics were unknown at the time of filing. In other circumstances, this can arise where a person had simply not received the bill from the creditor such as for a medical debt for which insurance denied coverage.

The Bankruptcy File Can be Reopened to Include the Debt

If this debt comes to the debtor’s attention, they can call their dallas bankruptcy attorney in order to consult with them about their options. If the debt is a small amount, such as an amount under a couple hundred dollars, then the chances are that it would be more beneficial to pay the debt than to include it in the bankruptcy. The reason for this is that to open the file, there is a court fee, as well as additional, unforeseen attorney work that must be performed in order to get the debt included in the bankruptcy and eliminated.

Contact An Attorney For Specific Advice About Your Situation

For those suffering from medical problems, debilitating effects of a major car accident, work injury, or other medical condition, the bills can be constant. However, when filing bankruptcy, the best policy is always to seek to get a medical bill covered in the original petition. If not, then there is a fee to amend the bankruptcy petition. Within the first 90 days or so of filing the bankruptcy, the fee for doing such an amendment to the bankruptcy filing tends to be around $75-200, depending on the complexity of the debt inclusion for the amendment to the bankruptcy file.

Weight Your Options, Make a Decision, Then Move Forward

For those who have simply exhausted other options, bankruptcy remains a powerful, ethical tool for protecting a family from the effects of debt. When you consider your options, both in and out of bankruptcy, you will discover that there are many benefits from a bankruptcy. When you consider that debt can be like shackles, and that removing them can be like bankruptcy, it makes the situation more easy to swallow and simply move forward. Once you have an idea of the type of bankruptcy that would be most appropriate for your situation, reach out and find an attorney you can trust to move your case to the goal line.